Bat Kite


A cute and quirky kite that kids love to watch in the sky.
Great first kite for any ages.
  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Size: 1.4 metre wingspan (big!)
  • Ages: 5 years and up

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This Bat kite is a little scary…but pretty cute!

Children really love watching the Bat fly because it has a unique ‘drogue’ for a tail. This is a conical windsock that catches the wind and gives the kite drag to keep it really stable in medium winds. Because of the Bat’s light frame, it’s not designed for strong winds but is a really great flyer in fairly light to medium winds. You can fly it in stronger winds however you do run the risk of breakage if you go too strong.

The Bat kite is pretty much a delta shape which makes it an efficient flyer. This is because it has a pretty big sail area to catch the wind and not much weight to drag it down. This means it flies high overhead unlike, say, diamonds that tend to fly quite low to the horizon. Bat kites fly in Light(ish), Medium and Fresh(ish) winds.

Like to see it flying?

here’s a short video of the Bat kite flying down the beach. here.

Kite Type:

Delta kites are great in light to medium winds but not that stable. So adding the unique drogue windsock tail gives the Bat kite great stability as the wind picks up.


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  • Comes in Nylon/PVC Velcro CarryBag


  • Winds: Light to Medium
  • Ages: 5 years and Up
  • Size: 1.4 metre wingspan


  • Printed Ripstop Sailcloth
  • 3mm fibreglass frame
  • Includes: 10kg String on Winder and Instructions


Additional information

Weight .16 kg
Dimensions 90 × 15 × 5 cm


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