Easy-to-fly Single Line Kites
Ideal for Children of all ages.
Many different shapes, sizes and designs but all suitable for kids (and adults who wants to be kids!)

2 line Sports Kites you can steer through the sky.
These High Perfomance aerobatic kites are
fast, agile, accurate and powerful.
Includes kites for beginners to experienced flyers.

Make-your-own kite kits.
Perfect for schools, OSHC, Scouts and Clubs.
Excellent medium for many learning environments
(or a great fun way to fill an afternoon!)

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Leading Edge Kites

Australia's Leading Kite Store Online

Welcome to Leading Edge Kites and thanks for dropping by our on-line shop.
We’re at Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast (near Brisbane) in Queensland and we send kites all over Australia.
We’ve got heaps of great kites and lots of information to help you get into the kite that’s best
for you (we’ve been doing this for 25 years so we’ve learnt a bit!)
All our kites come with handles and strings and we give
you all you need to get you up and up n’ flying
(ah….you need to bring your own wind)



Looking for help and advice about buying a kite?

We have over 30 years of experience of kiteing here in Australia so we’ve learnt a thing or two.
If you have any questions about kites, kite flying, kite repairs or which kite to buy, give us a call…..we’d love to help (and show off what we know!)

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