Dual control stunt kites - for Teenagers and Adults

Fibreglass Framed Stunt Kites:

These dual control stunt kites have Fiberglass frames and they are great for first-time flyers and old hands getting back into kiting.
They are very strong & rugged and will give you heaps of fun at the beach or the park. They represent good value and fly much better then they should for their price!

What’s the difference between them? Mostly size. As you scroll down the kites will get bigger, from the small Stinger at 1.1 meters right up to the Firestorm at 1.8 meters.

Which one do we recommend? “Buy the biggest one you can afford” The bigger the kite the easier it is to control, the greater it’s pull and the wider it’s wind range.

(that mean’s more days when you can play with it!)

Twister Trick Kite

A budget starter kite.
Not as easy to learn as  bigger kites.
Nice graphics in flight
Winds: Medium
Size: 1.12m wingspan
Ages: 8 to 12 years
– Out of Stock sorry –

Stinger Trick Kite

Small stunt kites are a bit hard to control, the 1.3m sizes below are much better flyers.
Winds: Medium
Size: 1.12m wingspan
Ages: 8 to 12 years
$39.00    – FREE Postage –

Monsoon Trick Kite

Good beginner kite for 10 to 13 years
Great flyer for a small kite!
Easy to learn – Easy to fly
Winds: Medium to Fresh
Size: 1.37m wingspan
Ages: some 8 y/o’s to Adult

    – Free delivery –

Prism Trick Kite

Good for 10 to 13 years.

Same size as the Monsoon, but different graphics.
Easy to learn – Easy to fly
Winds: Medium to Fresh
Size: 1.37m wingspan
Ages: 8 years to Adult

 – Free delivery –

Black Widow Stunt Kite

Our most popular stunt kite. Strong Performance yet easy to fly
* Highly recommended *
Winds: Medium to Fresh
Size: 1.50m wingspan
Ages: Teens & Adults
$59.00         -Free delivery

Firestorm Stunt Kite

Our biggest fiberglass framed kite!
This tracks straight, turns fast and pulls hard!
Winds: 5kph to 25kph
Size: 1.83m wingspan
Ages: Teens & Adults
$79.00          * Free post *

Carbon Framed Stunt Kites:

Unlike cheaper dual control stunt kites, these ones are serious high performance! Carbon Graphite frame technology offers the finest possible in Precision Flying.These kites very light but v-v-very rigid. They will out perform both in lighter winds but also in stronger winds.
What is Performance? Carbon framed kites will be much faster, generate more pull and be very precise & accurate in the sky.This means you can fly straighter runs, do crisper turns & faster tricks! As the Best in the World, carbon frames are used in all World Kite Championships.
These are very fast, highly maneuvreable and v-very precise. The Best of kiting.
What do we recommend? The Backdraft probably offers best value for money but the Offshore is really awesome!


A Very Quick, Very Precise flyer
5mm carbon graphite frame gives unbelievable performance!
Our best selling performance kite
Size: 1.63m wingspan
Ages: 13 years to Expert

– Free postage –

Tubular Tail

Great looking addition to any stunt kite*
This is a tubular tail that leave a great show behind your kite.

A real crowd pleaser!

Size: 10 meters long
For: Kites over 1.5m            

(*smaller kites may struggle)

Fluid spectrum

Great control, excellent power & speed, the Fluid is an awesome performer!
Tracks brilliantly & turns very tight.
6mm frame makes it very stiff n strong.
Size: 1.8m wingspan
Ages: 13 years to Expert

– Free delivery –

Offshore - Tropical

Excellent control from a great looking high performance kite!
Tracks brilliantly & turns very tight.
Strong pull in a wide wind range.
Size: 2.1m wingspan
Ages: 14 years to Expert

– Free postage –

Power Stunt Kites:

Power kites are foil kites…no frames, they just fill with air.
These are very powerful and produce very strong pull for their size. Called Traction Kites, we use them to pull us around…on the beach, on grass, in the water… .
Definitely NOT for young kids!
What the difference between them? Size therefore power. A 2.4m foil generates nearly twice the pull of a 1.8m foil and a 3 meter is twice again.
Which do we recommend?Get either a small 1.5 meter (for young teenagers) or go straight to the 3 meter one, don’t muck around in the middle!

Nitro 1.5m foil

Less power then the big foils but a good intro into power kites for young teens.
Ripstop sail – twisted nylon lines
Winds: Medium
Size: 1.8m wingspan
Ages: 10 to 15 years
$49.00      – Free delivery –


No frame – air filled cells
A powerful kite with consistent
pull across the wind window
Great Kitesurfing Trainer.
Size: 2.2m wingspan
Ages: 15 years to Adults
normally $149.00, now $99.00



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