Eagle Kite

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Eagle design single string kids kite
Looks beautiful in the sky with very life-like printed ‘feathers’
  • Winds: Light to Medium
  • Size: 1.8m wingspan (very big!)
  • Ages: 5 years and up

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The Eagle kite flys in Light to Medium winds. It looks very realistic in the sky with it’s true to life printed design and is sure to scare the sparrows!

Kids really love watching the Eagle kite fly because it is very steady in the sky and it’s great to see them watching ‘their’ bird flying high above the park or beach. The Eagle comes with 30 lb flying line on a easy to hold handle. Everything you need is in the bag (ah, except wind… you need to bring your own wind.)

The Eagle kite has a really large wingspan (about 1800mm!) so it needs a decent sized fibreglass frame to keep it well spread in the sky. We achieve this by using 4mm fibreglass but we make it hollow to give it a great ‘sail to weight ratio’ which means it will fly nicely in light winds as well. Made with ripstop nylon sailcloth and super strong fiberglass, the Eagle kite will give you years of beautiful flying. See it flying here.

Kite Type:

This Eagle kite is in the ‘others’ category. It’s not a delta, it’s not a diamond nor is it a dragon. As a Single String kite it’s very well suited to kids of most ages in light and medium winds. It’s wide tail ‘feathers’ gives the Bird kite good stability in the sky.

We actually provide many of the Eagle kites as ‘bird scarers’ to people who want to keep smaller birds away from their pools, their crops and orchards and off their decks and boats. We’re of the opinion that any kite will do this scaring because birds see shadows and shapes reflected on the ground, they don’t actually look up to see the eagle. But, if you’re going to have a bird scarer, it might as well look the part too!
(if you want to see our actual designated bird Scarers, check out the Sky Crow here.)


  • Single line kite for kids and adults
  • Buy 2 and get 2nd at 1/2 price
  • Comes in Nylon/PVC Velcro CarryBag


  • Winds: 8 kph to 20 kph
  • Ages: 5 years and up
  • Size: Very big 1.8m wingspan


  • Colour printed 70d Ripstop Sailcloth
  • 4mm Strong Fiberglass frame
  • 20kg Flying Line on Handles

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Weight .273 kg
Dimensions 81 × 15 × 4 cm


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