Diamond Tricolour kite


Australian made traditional Diamond shaped kite
Wiggles and dances in the sky
  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Size: 920mm x 890mm
  • Ages: 4 years and up

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The Diamond Tricolour is an Australian made single string children’s kite.

This is a big Diamond with a large surface area so it will fly in a wide wind range. This means that there are more days when you can play with it. Suitable for children aged 3 to 13 and available in a wide range of great colour combinations, they fly really well in light to fresh winds and looks fantastic in the sky.

The Diamond Tricolour is what’s known as a bent kite, it has a joiner (we call it a dihedral) in the middle that curves the wingtips up and away from the belly of the sail. This means that the kite will ‘spill’ air as the wind passes over it and keep it much more stable in flight.

The sail of the Diamond Tricolour is made of rip stop nylon and the frame is fibreglass so this is a really strong kite that will last for decades, one to hand down to your grandkids! Made by Windspeed Kites here in Australia, it comes complete with line and winder.

If you’d like to see it flying, check out this short video here.

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Australian Made:

Kite Type:

Diamonds are Single String kites best suited to Medium winds. Very traditional designs, diamonds are simple to assemble and easy to fly. The Diamond Tricolour is a really good flyer….. it wiggles and dances while it flys…..and we can Highly Recommend it.


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  • Full statutory warranty
  • Comes in Nylon/PVC Velcro CarryBag


  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Ages: 4 years and Up
  • Size: 920mm x 890mm


  • Overlocked Ripstop Sailcloth
  • 4mm fibreglass frame
  • Includes: 15kg String on Winder and Instructions

Additional information

Weight .167 kg
Dimensions 95 × 15 × 3 cm


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