Kite flying help

Kite flying safety

dad and son flying a delta kite
Never fly near overhead power lines

Kite flying: a simple activity that’s heaps of fun. But there’s a few simple rules that will
keep it safe for both flyers and spectators.
Here is the most important one:-

Do not use near
overhead power lines

Mums & Dads, keep the kids safe while flying by having a read through our Kite flying help page here.

how to fly Single String kites

Flying one liners is childsplay.....any child can do it!

It’s usually as simple as “hold to the wind & let out string” But if you want more detailed instructions, follow the link below to our how-to-fly page.                                                                                         In it we explain:-                                                                                        – Where to fly

– How to put your kite together

– How to Launch and Retrieve your kite and

– How to look after it.

– Lastly, learn about the wind and how it works.

how to fly 2 line Sports kites

Use 2 handles to steer your kite through the sky.

There’s a bit more to it then flying a one line kite, (that’s why they’re not for younger kids.)
We’ve got a few simple tricks and techniques we can show you to make you a better flyer.
We’ll also teach you:-
– how to set your kite up
– how to launch and land it and
– how to protect and care for it.

Advanced flying techniques are also here
so follow the link below to our
how-to-fly-a-sports-kite page.