Secondhand Kites for sale

Read this first:

The kites on this page are NOT owned by Leading Edge Kites, they are from a collection that belonged to a friend and fellow kiteflyer who is no longer with us. They have been collected, flown and loved over a 30 year period and represent some of the finest kites made around the world. We are selling them on behalf of the family.

ARE THESE FOR YOU? I assume most of these kites will be bought by existing flyers who have always wanted one of these models (and a bargain!) but there is no reason a novice can’t fly them. Quality designs like these are actually much easier to fly so don’t be put off if you are new to kite flying, they’ll still be suitable for you.

WARRANTY: Because they are second hand, they naturally come with NO WARRANTY. I have tried in the photos and in the text to give a full description, warts and all, of each kite. Where a kite needs a replacement part I will give you the part so all you will need to do is put in the time to fit it…this isn’t rocket science so all it involves is time, 15 minutes on average.

POSTAGE:  Freight on any of these kites will be $20.00. (Because they are over 1 metre in length, Australia Post charges a $10.00 surcharge on top of the regular postal charge.)

PAYMENT: Because these are private sales we can’t put them through our regular ‘buy online’ process. This is why there is no ‘buy now’ link on the pages. If you’re interested in one, give me a call or send me an email and I can tell you what I know about the kite. We can take card payment, we just can’t do it online.  

FLYING LINES: These don’t come with flying lines. I’m assuming most will be bought by existing flyers who want both a great kite at a bargain price as well as a piece of history and therefore you will have existing appropriate line sets. If you don’t have lines, I can recommend which is appropriate and can arrange purchase as well.

Rasteri - 2.2m

Great kite that pulls like a train!

High aspect ratio makes it a fast turning kite and 6mm carbon frame gives it good stiffness.

Has as patch on it and needs new (supplied) edge connectors fitted.

Twin Tail - 2.1m

Innovative design with twin spines makes the kite more rigid in turns. 6mm wrapped graphite edges, 6mm extrudes spines and spreaders.

Excellent condition with not much flying time.

Unknown - 2.1m

I’ve flown this a few times because, well, because it’s great to fly! No idea who made it but it’s got 7.5mm tapered wrapped rods and is as tight as a drum.

It’s in excellent condition with very little signs of use.


Reflex - 2.1m

Nice looking 7 footer with a 6mm carbon frame. Don’t know much about this kite, it’s a bit faded but otherwise in good nick.

Comes set up for wingtip tails

Illusion - 2.1m

One of Prisms greatest designs! Excellent all-rounder in a 7 foot kite. 7.5mm tapered wrapped rods make it as stiff as a tornado and lets the kite pull like a bullock. Is in excellent condition and would be a great buy.

Delusion - 2.1m

Not sure but I’m guessing this is a copy of the Prism. Has the same rods and uses the same panels but pretty sure it’s not made by Prism. In good condition except for a small hole in the window panel, see photos.


Single Line Kites:

These are big kites and as such are NOT suitable for children. Again, they don’t come with flying lines but I can advise you on what to use when you email or call me. Most of these are Rokkaku’s (google it) and as such are incredibly stable flyers. The 2 deltas are great light wind lifters and best flown with a long tail to give them a wider wind range.

Australia Rokkaku

– 2.4m x 1.6m.
– 13mm carbon graphite frame.
– Heavy duty bridle lines.
– Has had very little flying time.

Conquerer Rokkaku

– 1.9 x 1.6m.
– 10.5mm carbon graphite frame.
– Heavy duty bridle lines.
– Sail is a bit faded in parts.

Tutankhamun Rokkaku

Size:1.4m x 1.6m
Frame: K75 carbon graphite frame.

– Excellent condition.

– Heavy bridle lines.

– Great condition.

Shogun Rokkaku

Size: 1.2m x 1.4m
Frame: E40 spine with 6mm carbon spreaders.

– Great condition and looks magnificent in the sky.

– Medium weight bridles.

Lifter - Delta - 1

Size: 3.0 m wingspan
Frame: 6mm carbon graphite frame.

– faded n’ stained but boy does it lift!

– Great for stable flying with lots of stuff attached to it.

Lifter - Delta - 2

Size: 3.0 m wingspan
Frame: 6mm carbon graphite frame.

– faded n’ stained but boy does it lift!

– Great for stable flying with lots of stuff attached to it.