Make your own Kite kits for Teachers & Workshops


Make-your-own kite making kits for children of all ages
A great class activity for teachers
  • Super easy to make
  • A ‘can’t go wrong’ fly-every-time design
  • Size: 770mm x 630mm


Make your own kite kits are an ideal workshop or class activity kite. The design is a foolproof, easy to make and really easy to fly. They are a Diamond shape that flys well in a wide wind range.
The kites are made from pre-cut tyvek cloth (strong and rugged fabric) with a fibreglass frame and long nylon tail. Oh, they look fantastic in the sky too.
There are 2 great things about these make your own kite kits. The first great thing is in the name. The kids make their own. Secondly, it’s all about the artwork. And tyvek is a perfect medium for color pencils, crayons, and textas so let the kids knock themselves out!


We provide you with full photographic instructions for the make your own kite kits as well as details on how to run both the kite making workshop and, the most important part, how to organise the kite flying. You have access o all of the resources you need.
You can buy just the number you need (minimum of 20) or we have them in cartons of 25….whichever suits you.

Lesson Length:

When we do kite making workshops, we can get kids to make one of these kite making kits in about 10 minutes. But in the classroom teachers can easily make this into a 3 or 4 lesson program. There is so much information to use… history of kites, theory of flight, designs of kites, art and decoration and plain ol’ having fun on the oval!

Age suitability:

While ideally suited to primary school aged children, these make your own kite kits are often used an an introduction to Design & Technology courses in high school.

If you are using the make your own kite kits with preschoolers, we suggest roping in as many parents as you can as helpers.




  • make-your-own kits
  • all components supplied – very easy to make
  • fly-every-time design


  • Winds: Light to Fresh
  • Ages: 4 to adult
  • Size: 770mm x 630mm diamond shape


  • Sail is ‘tyvek’. a very rugged cloth
  • 2mm & 3mm fibreglass frame
  • string & tail included with detailed instructions.


Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 81 × 8 × .005 cm


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