Ikon Sports Kite


Nice size for older teens & adults
Good speed, power & handling
  • Winds: Medium to Fresh
  • Size: 1.6 metre wingspan
  • Teens & adults – novice or experienced

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The Ikon Sports Kite has a performance range to suit both novice and experienced flyers. With it’s 1.6 metre wingspan – 20 colour panels- tubular fibreglass frame – High tensile sport flying lines. An excellent performance kite that looks fantastic in flight.

With a bigger sail area then the Black Widow, it has a wider wind range. That is, it will fly in lighter winds because of this larger sail, but also fly in slightly stronger winds because of it’s thicker frame rods.
The Ikon offers a higher lever of precision and accuracy then the Black Widow (which is really saying something!!!). It’s an excellent kite for trick flying and is a great all-round beach and park flyer. It comes complete with flying lines, instructions and heavy duty carry bag.

Kite Type:

Stressed-frame swept wing deltas are the new breed of high performance budget priced kites. They are designed in Australia but made in China to exacting specifications. This gives you the performance of Farrari with a Corolla pricetag!


  • FREE Delivery
  • Full statutory warranty
  • Nylon/PVC Velcro CarryBag


  • Winds: 5k/h to 30k/h
  • Ages: Teenagers and Adults
  • Size: 1.6 metre wingspan


  • 70d triple stitched Ripstop sailcloth
  • 5mm fibreglass stressed frame
  • 45lb lines on heavy duty handles
  • full detailed instructions

Additional information

Weight .356 kg
Dimensions 98 × 15 × 5 cm


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