Fluid Performance Kite Rainbow

$ 175.00

Fast High Performance Sports Kite
Highly recommended – excellent value
  • Winds: Medium to Strong
  • Size: 1.8 metre wingspan
  • Teens & adults – novice to serious


The Fluid is an excellent high performance stunt kite! It is forgiving enough for novice flyers while boasting serious performance credentials.

It’s designed for teenagers and adults of all experience levels. “More fun then you’ve ever had standing up!”

The Fluid dual control will keep you up n’ flying for hours and hours. It will allow you to perform like you’ve never performed before.

The Fluid gives you excellent performance and excellent value….boasting a right-but-light 6mm carbon frame and a double whisker set on each side, the Fluid will give you rail straight runs and very quick turns.

With an impressive 1.8 meter wingspan, it will give serious pull and crisp handling in a wide wind range. Like the bigger Offshore, and it’s Australian made counterpart the Wind Dancer, it is fast, it’s accurate, it’s got good power and, at the price, is a great addition to any kiteflyers kit bag.

High prtformance dual control kites need rigidity in their frame to get their, well, high performance. The Fluid gets this from it’s high quality 6mm carbon graphite rods. they are light and stiff…exactly what a stunt kite needs.

This is a serious dual control stunt kite for not-so-serious flyers. Great graphics – 3/4 oz ripstop nylon sail – 6.0mm tubular carbon frame. …Highly Recommended… A great Performa.

Kite Type

High performance dual control stunt kites use hollow Carbon Graphite frames to provide a very rigid, very light kite that gives performance equal to the best in the world. They include stand-offs or ‘whiskers’ that make the kite very easy to launch by yourself, even for beginners.


  • FREE Delivery
  • Full statutory warranty
  • Nylon/PVC Velcro CarryBag


  • Winds: 6k/h to 40k/h
  • Ages: Teenagers and Adults
  • Size: 1.8 meter wingspan


  • 40d triple stitched Ripstop sailcloth
  • 6.0mm carbon graphite frame
  • 100lb Dyneema flying lines with straps and winder
  • full detailed instruction booklet

Additional information

Weight .39 kg
Dimensions 98 × 15 × 5 cm


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